District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC)

District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC)


The District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC) is a district-level advisory group comprised of parents, site staff, and community leaders who advise the Board of Education on the needs of those students who are part of one of the following subgroups: Low Income (LI), Foster, Homeless, or Academically Struggling.
  Title I law requires that parents be involved in the development of the Local Education Agency (LEA) Plan and the process of school review and improvement.  Parents must also be a part of the annual review of the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) as well as review the district parent involvement policy.  CVUHSD combines these tasks into the responsibilities of the DPAC.  DPAC agendas and minutes are posted online as they become available. 


Each school receiving Title I funds seeks out approximately 5 parents from each site who represent the diversity of the student body and who can commit to attend the 4 scheduled DPAC meetings.  DPAC representatives are advocates for their school who are committed to attend DPAC meetings regularly, provide informed input to discussions and decisions, and become parent leaders who regularly co-present information at school Title I Parent Meetings with the district's Title I and Parent Involvement Specialist.  DPAC representatives also serve as the liaison between the DPAC and the SSC, ensuring two-way communication and information.
The DPAC consults with the district and facilitates coordination and cooperation of parents, staff, and community on matters related to Title I programs.  The DPAC provides a forum for communication, information, and training for the district’s parents through the DPAC representative.  Activities include reviewing the Consolidated Application, providing input on and reviewing the district’s LEA Plan, and reviewing and revising as needed the district Title I Parent Involvement Policy.  


Contact Information

Hatha I. Parrish,

Director of Federal and State Programs


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