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Reclassification Request

RECLASSIFICATION – Gradual accretion of duties and responsibilities of a position that results in a change in classification when verified by investigation and study.


The basis for Reclassification - The basis for reclassification of any position must be a gradual accretion of duties and not a sudden change occasioned by a reorganization or the assignment of completely new duties and/or responsibilities.


REQUESTS FOR STUDY - Requests for classification study of existing positions shall be presented to the Director of Personnel Commission together with a statement of the reasons for requesting the study.


Requests for study may be initiated by the administration with approval of the Superintendent or by employees or employee organizations.


RECLASSIFICATION  VS. Job STUDY - The reclassification process is not the same as the classification study process. You should only submit a request for reclassification if you have experienced a gradual accretion of duties over a two-year period or from the last time you were reclassified. 


Work volume and job performance are NOT justifications for reclassification.


Reclassification of a position shall become effective on the date prescribed by the Commission and shall not have retroactive effect. Effective dates may be set sufficiently in the future to allow time for examinations to be completed. (P.C. Rule 30.300.3)
For more information on the effects of reclassification, please review PC Rule 30.300.1-30.300.5

PROCESS – To request a reclassification study, complete the reclassification questionnaire to initiate the review. The employee and/or supervisor will participate in the analysis, which may include a desk audit, review of work performed, interviews, etc. 


Reclassification studies may result in upward changes, downward changes, or no changes.


Following the review and analysis, the Personnel Commission staff will evaluate the information that has been gathered and prepare a report. The report will include a recommendation indicating what job description the duties performed appropriately fall within and an explanation of the basis of that recommendation. The employee, the supervisor will receive a copy of the report.