Annual and Mandated Notifications

California Education Code 48980 requires school districts to notify the parent or guardian of a minor pupil regarding their rights and responsibilities. This notice is to be made available no later than the beginning of the first semester or quarter of the school term. See below for the list of required notifications. For more information regarding the annual notice of rights and responsibilities, contact the Office of Student Services at (310) 263-3214.

For more information regarding the District's Uniform Complaint Procedures, please see the document below, and additional information on this webpage: District Complaints

Major state and federal education reform efforts emphasize the importance of family and community involvement to increase student achievement and strengthen public schools. State law requires parental involvement programs for schools that receive Title I funds (EC Section 11503) and parental involvement policies for non-Title I schools (EC Section 11504).

The federal Elementary and Secondary Education (ESEA) Act of 2001, section 1118, requires the adoption of (1) district- and school-level Title I parental involvement policies to support students in attaining high academic standards and (2) school-parent compacts that express the shared responsibilities of schools and parents as partners in students’ success.


District and school parent involvement information can be accessed below: