HHSME Students Participate in Long Beach Grand Prix

Moreover, the students collaborated closely with Track Stewards, overseeing all on-track activities such as timing and scoring, course communication with corner workers, fire rescue, and tow support. This immersive experience provided invaluable insights into the meticulous planning and execution required to orchestrate a successful racing event.

In addition to their operational roles, Hawthorne Engineering Students showcased their expertise by offering race teams a demonstration of 3D scanning using the school's specialized equipment. The demonstration aimed to highlight how technology can play a crucial role in preserving the rich history of motorsports by creating accurate digital twins of historic cars.

"A 3D scan is a digital twin of the historic car, providing an accurate digital representation of the physical car," explained Lucas Pacheco, coordinator HHSME "This demonstration underscores how technology can contribute to preserving history in a precise and innovative manner."

The Hawthorne High School of Manufacturing and Engineering is proud to have provided its students with this unique and enriching opportunity to engage with the world of motorsports and contribute to its preservation.