Taxpayers to Save Over $5.2 Million!

“Interest rates are near historic lows and we pursued the opportunity to lower the tax burden of our community,” said Superintendent Gregory O’Brien. “Our community has been extremely supportive of our educational mission, and as stewards of their dollars, we are excited to be able to provide these significant savings.”

The District was able to lock in aggressive interest rates by securing a rating of ‘AA-’ from Standard and Poor’s Rating Services.  The rating distinguishes the District’s bond offering from other municipal bonds in the marketplace and helped secure strong investor demand.

CV bonds were used to build state-of-the art classrooms at Hawthorne, Leuzinger, and Lawndale high schools. This act reaffirms the Board’s commitment to wisely use tax-payer approved funds entrusted to the District for the construction of high quality, 21st Century schools that will be used by students for decades to come.