BIG NEWS: ALL Students Have Take Home Chromebooks

We are continuing our partnership with the Sprint 1Million Project to provide free high-speed Internet hot spots to students who don’t have Internet at home. Currently, we have 548 hotspots available through this program. The district has deployed GoGuardian software to better monitor, filter, and control student Internet access on the Chromebook, and also to allow teachers greater monitoring and control over student computers when in class. Our professional development program is growing to help teachers effectively utilize 1:1 Chromebooks to improve student engagement and to provide a greater variety of learning opportunities through a blended learning instructional approach. The voter-approved local parcel tax funded the initiative, so there was no impact on the general fund, and it will save the district money in the long-run by phasing out textbooks.

“Technology in the classroom is vital for equipping our students with the 21st century skills they need to excel in our globally competitive world,” said Dr. Gregory O’Brien, Superintendent.  “While technology will never take the place of a skilled teacher and good teaching, Digital Literacy is now a requirement for college and career success. The Digital Learning Initiative enables greater collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills for our students.”

CVUHSD teachers are provided Professional Learning to support the management of student devices in the classroom, effective use of technology for learning, and digital lesson design.  

Students are trained on the necessary care and maintenance of their computer, and how to behave safely and appropriately online.  They also receive instruction on Digital Literacy to improve their computer and software skills. Parents are provided information and tools to support their student’s effective and safe use of their laptop at home.

The success of the one-to-one initiative is highly dependent on a network that supports uninterrupted, fast Wi-Fi connections in all classrooms, and reliable content filtering both on and off campus.  The district’s IT Department has taken many steps to safeguard the initiative and will continue working hard to ensure a successful rollout.

CVUHSD is proud to have implemented the one-to-one Digital Learning Initiative with the goal of preparing our students for success in college, career, and life in the 21st Century.