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  • English 9, 10, 11
  • Algebra 2
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Government


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SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Click HERE to view an article on System Requirements for using Pearson SuccessNet's online textbooks.


Troubleshooting Pearson Online Textbook Access through your PowerSchool account


Tips for success in using online textbooks:

  1. Use Firefox or Chrome as your Internet browser (make sure your browser is up to date!)
  2. Make sure your Adobe Flash Player is up to date
  3. Make sure your Adobe Reader is up to date
  4. Allow Pop-Ups on your internet browser
  5. Re-start your computer after making any of these changes, and the try to access your textbook!


If, when you try to access your books through Power School, you are being directed to a log-in screen or are getting error messages when trying to access your Pearson Online textbooks through your Power School Account, please follow these steps:


1)   Clear your Internet browser history (including cookies and cache)

2)   Close your browser and re-open it

3)   Visit

4)   Log in and try accessing your books again. Please let your teacher or an administrator know if you continue to have issues.



How to clear the Cache:

How to Clear Cookies:



How to clear the Cache:

How to clear Cookies:


For other browsers, you can use the help menu or search online for instructions on how to clear the cache and cookies.


TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Is the book not working right? Go to to get technical support

For Account & Password help, ask your teacher for help logging in to PowerSchool.

Please view the document available here for a Quick Start Guide to access your digital textbooks!