Parent Engagement




Welcome to Centinela Valley Union High School District! We are so happy to share our Parent Engagement programs with you. Each of our comprehensive high schools now has a wonderful Parent Center working daily to promote family engagement and student success!


  • Support with joining School Site Council (SSC), District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC), English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC), District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC), Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SpEd PAC), Citizen’s Oversight Committee, Parent-Teacher (Student)-Organization (PT0/PTSO), and various academy and special programs advisory boards


  • Bi-weekly and Monthly Coffees with School Staff


  • School Registration and Info-Snap Support


  • School Parent Orientations and Tours


  • PowerSchool Parent Portal Registration and Support


  • Grade Checks and Unofficial Transcripts


  • Communication Assistance (with teacher, staff, and administration)


  • Appointment Scheduling Support (with counselors)


  • Parent Learning Walks


  • English as a Second Language Courses (ESL)


  • Basic Computer Skills Workshops


  • Parenting Workshops


  • Educational Conferences


  • Parent University Field Trips


  • Arts Docents Volunteer Program


  • Volunteer Opportunities


  • Additional Student Success Programs and Special Events 


  • & More



We offer many supports and services for our CV Families:


Rosemary Ausland

Hawthorne High School

Community Liaison

(310) 263-4497


Rocio Gudino

Lawndale High School

Community Liaison

(310) 263-3117


Nancy Haro

Leuzinger High School

Community Liaison

(310) 263-2271


Cesia Collins

Lloyde/CVISS High School

Community Liaison

(310) 263-3272