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Academy Integrated Unit Resources

Course Integration


Here at CVUHSD, we encourage our Linked Learning Pathways to integrate courses and create learning experiences for pathway students where instruction centers around a concept, issue, problem, topic, or experience in a career-themed context. During an integrated unit, pathway students explore a set of topics in several standards-based academic disciplines connected by a unifying concept that reinforces learning and brings the curriculum to life in a meaningful way. Integration and making courses relevant to students is a vital component of Linked Learning’s Behaviors of Learning & Teaching (see BLT continuum below).



Why Integrate Courses?


  • To make course material more engaging, encourage once reluctant learners to succeed in higher-level academic courses, and give students a running start at planning for college and their future careers.

  • It looks like the real, thorny, and exciting problem solving that engages professionals in their daily work lives.

  • It brings authenticity to students’ schoolwork, homework, and work-based learning situations.


    Integrated Unit Resources


    Below you will find the following resources for planning integrated units:


  • Integrated Unit Design Guide
  • Integrated Unit Planning PowerPoint
  • Integrated Unit Planning Template
  • Allocating Responsibilities Action Planning
  • Behaviors of Learning & Teaching Continuum
  • Evaluating an Integrated Unit Tool - "The Six A's"