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DELAC Meetings 2023-2024

2023-2024 DPAC meetings are scheduled on the following dates at 9:00am* via Google Meets.
Please contact your site’s Family Engagement Liaison for a link (contact info below).:
October 23 (DPAC and DELAC Meeting)
December 4* (DPAC and DELAC Meeting)
January 29 (DELAC ONLY Compliance Meeting) 
March 4 (DELAC ONLY Compliance Meeting) 
April 15 (DPAC and DELAC Meeting)
May 13 (DPAC and DELAC Meeting)
The public is welcome to attend these meetings.
The Meeting Agendas and Minutes can be found below.
*This meeting is scheduled to begin at 10am because of school collaboration occurring on this date.
DELAC-Only Compliance Meeting Agendas, Minutes, Handouts, and Presentations:
March 4, 2024:
  • Handouts/Presentations:
    1. SBAC and Test Prep
    2. Academic Standards and Classroom Assessments 
    3. Annual Language Census 
    4. Annual ELD Program Evaluation
    5. Categorical Funding through the Consolidated Application 2023-34 and planning for use of 2024-25 funds:
      1. Categorical Funding 23-24 (SP)
      2. Categorical Funding 23-24 (ENG)
    6. LCAP Educational Partner Engagement
  • Minutes (posted after the meeting)
  • Recording of Virtual Meeting
ALL Meeting Handouts and Presentations: