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Hawthorne High School

Measure CV has drastically improved the Hawthorne High School campus. The Hawthorne High School Modernization project has involved a number of phases, all carefully planned, scheduled and executed so that the campus could remain operational during construction. Phase 1 consisted of six new buildings totaling 104,000 square feet. Included was a new student services building, a media center, an 18 classroom science building, a two-classroom computer lab building with an adjoining metal shop, 3D printing shop, and a work yard, and three over-sized computer lab classrooms. Smart-boards have been installed in each classroom, allowing teachers and students to easily make web-based presentations. The campus has also been outfitted with the latest in wireless technology and high speed Internet. All classrooms have card swipe access and the latest in security systems for total lock-down capabilities while vaulted ceilings, gradual curves, and simple glass details provide a feeling of openness.