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Educational Benefit Form

The Centinela Valley Union High School District requests that all of our parents and families fill out the Educational Benefit Form.

Why is the Educational Benefit Form so Important?
The California Department of Education (CDE) uses the Education Benefit Form to calculate supplemental funding for our schools. Supplemental funding is used to improve and enhance services to your student, including but not limited to:

  • Student Chromebooks,
  • Tutoring,
  • Test Fee Waivers,
  • Counseling services,
  • Wellness Centers,
  • Career Technical Education programs,
  • and other programs designed to prepare students for College, Career, and Life!

It is extremely important that you complete the Educational Benefit Form to ensure we continue to receive supplemental funding to support essential educational services. Every eligible form that is not submitted means lost resources for our students.

Is my information confidential?
Yes. All information provided is confidential and will not be shared or used for any other purpose.

How can I fill it out?
You can do so online by clicking here, by visiting your school office or the district office during regular hours. Paper versions are also available.

I need help or would like additional information.
If you have any questions completing the paper or online form please do not hesitate to call 310-263-3222 or email us at [email protected]g. 

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