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*Please note, applications will no longer be accepted through EdJoin. To be considered for a position, the applicant must complete the online application through Frontline, which can be found by clicking HERE. If you do not already have a Frontline account, please create one.
  • The information you supply will be subject to review and verification. All application material must be received on or before 3:00 p.m. on the posted deadline date. 
  • Resumes are NOT accepted in lieu of a completed District application.
  • Applications must be completed fully. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide all the necessary information to be evaluated.
  • After your application has been reviewed and you appear to meet the employment qualification standards, you will be invited to participate in an examination.
  • All notices are sent via e-mail only, so please check your e-mail regularly, "including spam or junk mail:"
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This may consist of any of the following parts:

  • A supplemental evaluation of training and experience. 
  • A written examination of technical knowledge, skills, and abilities.  It may cover any subject matter appropriate to the duties of the position and/or subject matter required to meet specific federal and state proficiency. 
  • An oral examination (oral technical interview) to assess and verify your qualifications, education, experience, training, and suitability for service.  Oral interviews are required by California Education Code to be TAPE RECORDED.  
  • Other examination processes that the Personnel Commission Office determines to be related to the job may also be administered. The Director of Personnel Commission determines the passing score and assigns relative percentage weight to each part of the examination. 
  • Candidates must be on time for every examination since we cannot admit anyone after their scheduled time.  Attendance will be at the candidate’s expense. 
  • Once on the eligibility list, ensure the Personnel Commission has your most current contact information.


  • Candidates are typically notified by email of the time and place of examinations.  Examination results are sent out as soon as possible following grading and collection of scores.  Examination scores are NOT given over the phone.


  • A protest of any part of an examination must be in writing, and must be submitted within 24 hours, or received in the office of the Director-Personnel Commission no later than 24 hours from the day candidates’ exam results are emailed/mailed.  Any protest must include a reason to support the protest.


  • An eligible list of candidates will be based on the scores received on the examinations administered.  The final selection of appointees will be made from the top THREE RANKS of certified eligibles on the list, along with others such as transfer eligibles, reinstatement eligibles, etc.
  • Anyone certified may be chosen to the vacant position, and the names of the persons not selected are returned to their respective eligibility list to be considered for the next vacancy.
  • Lists typically remain in effect for one year, or until there are less than three ranks who are willing and available to accept appointment.


  • In combination examinations, if there are not enough successful candidates (3 or more) to establish a promotional list, current District employees shall have seniority credit added to their final passing scores in the amount of 1/4 point for each year of District service not to exceed a total of 7 points.
  • These points will be added prior to merging with the open list. Credit shall be granted for time spent in regular status in the classified service and on paid leave from the classified service. A full year's credit shall be granted to employees whose regular position is assigned on less than a calendar-year basis. Credits shall be calculated for units of not less than a half year.


  • Veterans' preference points shall be added to passing scores in examinations for entry level classes in the amount prescribed by Section E.C. 45296 -- veteran 5 points, disabled veteran 10 points. In order to obtain credit, the applicant shall furnish the Personnel Director the original, certified, or photographic copy of their honorable discharge or certificate of honorable active military service or other acceptable evidence of required military service prior to the establishment of the eligibility list.
  • No adjustment of rank on the list shall be made when such proof is presented thereafter.


  • By law, we are not permitted to ask if you have a protected disability.  If you require special accommodations, it is your responsibility to submit written request from your medical professional at the time of application filing to the Personnel Commission staff so that accommodations may be arranged to meet your requested medical needs.


  • State law requires all of our employees to swear or affirm allegiance to the United States and the State of California, and to be finger-printed for the purpose of conducting a confidential background investigation and record check of criminal, military or civil convictions.
  • The Personnel Commission staff may obtain confidential references from your former employer(s).  CVUHSD is a drug, alcohol, smoke, harassment-free, and diversity-driven work environment.

HEALTH EXAMINATIONS (E.c. Section 49406):

  • Every person being employed by the District is required to submit proof that he/she has undergone a test for tuberculosis and has been found free of active TB.
  • The District may require that applicants for employment pass a qualifying health examination.


  • ALL NEW EMPLOYEES MUST HAVE A PHOTO ID AND SOCIAL SECURITY CARD, or legal equivalent, at the time they are employed.  Non-citizens may be employed if they have an authorizing Alien Registration Card, or can otherwise prove their right to work under federal law.


  • Official offers of employment are made by the Personnel Commission Office and are subject to satisfactory completion of ALL the pre-employment processing including physical, TB clearance, fingerprinting, Oath of Office, resolution of any appeals or protests, proof of eligibility to work in the United States and approval by the CVUHSD Board of Education.


  • The CVUHSD offers a comprehensive benefits package including vacation, holiday, sick leave as well as medical dental and life insurance to eligible members. Please visit our website for more information


  • All classified employees serve a probationary period of six months in one class before attaining permanency.  For positions designated as an executive, administrative, or supervisory, the probationary period shall be one year of paid regular service in one classification