Retirement Providers

Where to get the retirement forms:
1. The District Resignation/Retirement Form is available on the Personnel Commission’s website. 

Please make sure you submit the Resignation/Retirement Form to the Human Resources Office.



Steps to Retirement for CalPERS Members:

Throughout your career:

- Make sure your CalPERS service credit is correct. Review your service credit each time you get a statement.

- Visit the CalPERS website for general benefit-related information.
At least five (5) years prior:
- Attend CalPERS retirement seminar.
At least one (1) year prior:
- Use the Retirement Estimate Calculator or log in to my/CalPERS to estimate your monthly benefits.


At least six (6) months prior:
 - Confirm your creditable years of service with the district to determine eligibility for health benefits after retirement.
- Contact the Benefits Department regarding your benefits options at (310) 263-3218
- Make your CalPERS counselor appointment to discuss options.
 * CalPERS (Regional Call Center) (888) 225-7377, or on the web at


At least three (3) months prior:
- Notify your site supervisor of your intent to retire.
- Complete the district Retirement/Resignation Form and turn it in to Human Resources Department.
- The date of retirement is decided by the employee. Your district retirement date must be on or after the last date that you were in paid status (e.g., work, vacation, sick leave, etc.).
- CalPERS members, the district will certify your retirement date and report your unused sick leave balance (for service credit) to CalPERS upon receipt of a Notice of Placement on Retirement Roll from CalPERS requesting verification of this information.
- Turn in completed forms from the packet to CalPERS.
- If you or your eligible spouse/domestic partner is 65 or older at the time of your retirement, you must enroll in Medicare A&B.
- CalPERS Service Retirement Application may be completed and submitted online using your myICalPERS account CalPERS packets are available by calling CalPERS at (888) 225-7377 or at their Regional offices.



After retirement
You will receive a retirement letter regarding benefits.


Requests to Substitute after retirement:

Notify the Office of the Personnel Commission in writing that you would like to work as a substitute after retirement. Please be reminded that CalPERS limits the amount you can earn post-retirement. In addition, CalPERS places restrictions on substituting for the first 180 days of retirement. For additional information, please contact CalPERS directly.